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Atlantic Images distribute their content across the world for print, web and broadcast usage. If you have seen our content and are interested in buying any of our images or video, or please contact sales@atlanticimages.uk


Social Media Use Costs

Atlantic Images Ltd own and hold the world rights & copyright to the images and videos distributed to specific online websites and their social media branding, including Celebrity WotNot, TopHitPics, Monty’s Furry Friends and Wow That Just Happened. The use of our content on social media platforms without a direct repost is copyright infringement; our photographers work extremely hard to create original content.  Please see usage costs below before posting our content as your own.

YouTube usage – $100 – $300

Website usage – $100

Twitter post – $25

Instagram – $25

Pinterest – $50

Find out how to pay HERE. If you have any queries, please contact legal@atlanticimages.uk

If you have been sent this link on a social media platform after posting an image that doesn’t belong to you and it was not a direct repost from one of our brands (Celebrity WotNot, Monty’s Furry Friends or Top Hit Pics), you may not have known that this content is copyrighted.

There are two options:

1. Keep the picture on your page and pay Atlantic Images Ltd $25.00 for social media usage per the above payment methods

2. Remove the image and share the OFFICIAL post using the share button to Facebook or Twitter and/or Retweet the post from these official pages:




Please then follow or comment on the post and share the link from:




If you have any questions please email legal@atlanticimages.uk. You can also view the Instagram rules about copyright infringement that could have your account shut down HERE You can also view the Twitter rules HERE

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Or you can just copy and share this url